About Us

BO-Glass Industrial Limited is glass manufacturer which is very specialized with all types of glass solutions and creations. We can supply a lot of different types of glasses for lighting, technical and morden living use. BO-Glass Industrial Limited is the very rare joint producer that can combine different ranges of techniques to make glasses in both customized design and standard design at a fair cost. We supply the customers with quality products that fully meet their needs on time.

BO-Glass Industrial Limited is an excellent team with management ability, strict quality control, international marketing, and will insist on the company’ development guideline of “Constant Innovation, Faithful Reputation, Quality First, Customer First". BO-Glass Industrial Limited is always committed to be a long term and reliable supplier of yours.

Room 403,Kai Xuan Business Center,No1415 Kaixuan Rd,Shanghai,China, 200052
Tel:0086-21-52063109, Fax:0086-21-52123235 sales@bo-glass.com